Environment protection has become one of the major concerns of any manufacturer. He has the legal and moral obligation to treat the wastewaters resulting from the technological process before reintroducing them into nature.

To improve the quality of wastewater, our company offers the following products:


The coagulants we offer -polymers with different structures, electrical charges and molecular weights – have over inorganic coagulants,the advantage of beeing effective at lower concentrations and forming flocks that are  more resistant at agitation shearing forces. 

Also they are not sensitive to pH variation.


We offer flocculants with high molecular polymeric structures which are used either alone either in combination with coagulants. They improve the sedimentation process by forming big flocs that are easily deposited. They are liquids or solids and can be anionic, cationic or nonionic


Defoamers and deaerators ranges we offer contain synergetic mixtures of mineral oils, emulsifiers and hydrophobic solids or polysiloxanes with hydrophilic polyethers special formulated to avoid development and formation of the foam 


We offer products with broad biocide spectrum, which control bacteria, algae and fungi development.

Activated carbon

We offer, on request, different types of activated carbon, in extruded, granulated or powder  form, for adsorption of various pollutants.

Scale inhibitors

Products which act as dispersants and avoid scale formation.


Automatic equipment for continuous dilution and preparation of flocculants solutions.

Laboratory equipments  (mixers, thermostats, incubation chambers)