Our company collaborates with an important producers of 100% sugar cane pulp kraft paper and we can offer a wide range of these products for the packaging production in the food field also in the industrial field.

At our customers' request, we can also supply the pulp of sugar cane, white and natural, for paper production.

Our company also provides a wide range of products for the cellulose and paper industry.

Our products :

I. For the packaging field 

    Kraft paper - for various uses, from food packaging to industrial packaging, including anti-rust paper.




    The  grammages of paper can vary between 35 g / m2 and 90 g / m2, depending on the type of paper and the final destination of the packaging.

    Paper rolls have a diameter of 100 cm and different widths, depending on the requirements of our customers.

    The raw material is 100% sugar cane pulp.

We can also supply other types of paper on request, including colored paper for packaging.

II. For the cellulose and paper industry


For the treatment of microbiological problems we propose a wide range of biocides containing synergistic mixtures of the following active substances:


     TCMTB ( (2-benzotiazoliltio)metil tiocianat) 

     MBT  (metilen bis tiocianat) 

     CMIT/MIT (5-clor-2-metil-4-izotiazolin-3-ona/2 -metil-4-izotiazolin-3-ona)  

     BIT (1,2-benzizotiazolin-3-ona) 


     Bronopol (2-brom-2-nitro-1,3- propandiol)

Anti resin agents

To avoid the problems caused by the presence of resins in pulp and paper, we propose products with various compositions: mixtures of fatty acid esters and surfactants, or cationic polymers.


Having the most diverse structures such as fatty acid derivatives, the silicone products or phosphoric acid esters, the products offered have great efficacy in removing the embedded air and the foam that can occur in the paper process.

Crust inhibitors

Products are recommended in aqueous systems for crust control and other deposits of calcium, magnesium, iron and other polyvalent cations.

Fixers of dyes and neutralizers  of anionic impurities

The products offered, the cationic polymers have high efficiency in the retention of anionic / direct dyes. The compounds cause the dye load with positive electrical charges generating a less soluble complex that fixes on the negative cellulose fibers. Also the products can be used to adjust the electrical charge in the circuit to the paper machine due to the anionic impurities neutralization properties.

Flocculants and retention agents

We offer a wide range of products with ionic charges and different molecular weights that are recommended as paper retention and drainage agents.

Tearing agents

We offer AKD-based products (alkyl ketene dimer) manufactured by a new technology that makes AKD more reactive to cellulosic fibers and better paper and cardboard gluing.

Agent for specific volume growth

The product is a water dispersible mixture of hydrocarbons which increases the distance between the fibers and thus the specific paper volume. This results in greater paper porosity which allows better water drainage and better drying efficiency by reducing steam consumption.

Redispersing agents of waste paper

The products offered allow faster redispersion of paper waste, even if it contains ureaformaldehyde resins, melamine-formaldehyde resins or polyamines. Due to the oxidative power, the compounds can bleach the colored paper.