The powder substances white, black or coloured, soluble or insoluble in dispersion medium, the pigments offered by Prociv are recommended for decorative aims, for protecting of surfaces, for improvement film resistance or special purposes.

Organic pigments general puposes

We offer to the users the ftalocyanine, chinacridona, dioxazina azoic pigmentsaso. The products are cover the whole colour spectrum, can be used at colouring of films substances water based or solvent based.

Anorganic pigments general purposes

The anorganic pigments offered can be used at colouring of water based or solvent based films. 

We offer to the users the following products: iron blue, ultramarine blue, green chrome oxide, red molybdenum, yellow chrome, zinc ferrites, iron oxide ( yellow, red, black, brown).

Pearlescent pigments

We recommend for special decorative effect these products which can be used in water based and solvent based both interior and exterior. The various colours of the interference pigments, along with the shades of silver and gold offers the possibility of obtaining the pearl effect varied.

Phosforescent pigments

Able to the light emission after the light source was removed (in the dark) the offered pigments can be used for inscription at the interior and exterior, fire man equipment, army equipment, roads indicators.

Fluorescent pigments

The offered pigments, having strong shades, because of their ability to convert the UV light in colour, they can be used in water based or medium solvent based products( inks, paints)