We offer to our clients the following types of additives for plastic industry:

UV stabilizers  

These stabilizers protected the plastic products due to the degradation effect under light and UV radiation.  Depending the thickness, the exposed area and period for which the product will be used, shall be determined the used quantity. The UV stabilizers can be ordered in two variants: transparent or coloured.

Slipping Agents

These agents decreasing the friction between film substrates and improve the flow of polymer.

Antiblocking additives 

These products are used to prevent the blocking of substrates between films. Using the  additives of blocking it reduce the  adherences between substrates and helps to a better handling of product.

Processing additives

These products improve the flow of material, reduce the cost of electric energy and rises the processing rate allowing a protection substrate on the interior of cylinder.


Stabilization of polymer during the processing (specific consumption 1-2%) and during stopping or stationary for a long period (specific consumption 5%).

Fire retardants additives

Reducing the ability of the product to the flame ignition of plastic material.

Anti condensation additives

Changing the internal tension on the surface of packing allow the condensation of water in thin layer of moisture. Through this is improving the transmission of lighting and the content is become more visible and attractive.

Antistatic additives

The plastic materials has a very low conductivity and charged electrostatically. This phenomena has unpleasant effects as: the plastic mass attract the dust, sparks occurs.

Expansion additives 

These are used, through the cellular system, to reduce the specific weight of product from plastic material.

Dehumidifier additives

They absorb the humidity during the processing. They are very efficient at recycle polymers processing.

Anti-slipp additives

Are used to obtaining a rough surface. It is recommended, for example, to obtaining the packaging that requires stacking (in bags, generally).

Bleed  additives

Are recommended for the cleaning machines. These are used before to change the colour of one polymer with another one, which have a different melting point. It is recommends as well as at the processing of recycled materials or at the low quality materials, which have low viscosity for dispersing of particles oxidised, dust or ink accumulation, avoid, in this way, the breaking of film.

Antimicrobial additives

Protect the plastic materials against fungi or bacteria. Has a long lasting effect.

Mattifiers or fillers aditives

They used to offer a higher opacity of product than the original, no changing the shade. Due to the low price these are reduced the production cost.

Degrading photo additives 

Catalysing  photochemical degradation of product from plastic material.

Nucleation additives

These additives are used for the PP products, improving the transparency through creating a high number of spherical particles during the cooling of PP melting.