TEXTILES PROCIV Co. offers a various auxiliaries range of products and dyes for the following area of from textiles industry.

We offer products with broad spectrum of uses products for all types of raw materials: wool, polyamide, normal or textured polyester, cellulosic fibres, renewable fibres and their blends. These spinning agents confer a benefit  as well as and an electrostatic effect of material and decrease the friction of fibres/metal. 

The range of products has applicability at natural fibres, synthetic fibres or mixing of them.

In order to prepare textile materials, PROCIV Co offers a various products: 

We offer for oxidative or reductive bleaching process wetting and washing agents with alkali stability, peroxide stability, deformers, running crease for all types of fibres as well as enzymes for residues peroxides decomposition.

It is been known that the  metals in water (calcium, magnesium, iron ions) may have a negative influences at the final product. Consequently, these must be eliminated during bleaching, dyeing, boiling, washing process. PROCIV CO  offers the products with anionic character, set in alkaline medium with softening and sequestering ionic effect.

The dyeing of textile materials, in any presentation types: fibres, yards, fabrics, knitted fabrics and their various sources ( natural, synthetics) implied  the right choosing of auxiliaries which allow to obtain the uniform colours, resistant, to satisfy the clients requests. 

After dyeing yarns, fibers of textiles, knitted, these require high quality treatment which provide an extra value of them. 

For printing process in any  textile support we offer a large wide range of products as: binders for pastes, thickeners agents, fixing agents, defoamers agents, emollients, pigments, pigmented pastes for printing, pastes with special effect for fashion destination (printing in relief, embroidery).

We can’t speak about the “beautiful” if we do not have colour! PROCIV Co offers the dyes for all yarns or fibres, in any kind of shape: fibres, yarns, fabrics, knitted fabrics, garments.

We propose you to test our special products.

The products contain a cationic polymers and tensioactive agents for conditioning of felt and fabrics and reduction of stains and deposits coming from resins and sticky impurities.